Junior League Golf

Junior League golf is designed to bring a "Little League" atmosphere to the game of golf. With teams of boys and girls, age 13 and under, Junior League provides a structured league environment for young golfers to compete and have fun! This is a great way to get, and keep kids involved in the game!

2023 Tentative
Match Dates

Match #1


Monday, May 22nd
@ Overlook GC
 5:00pm Start!

Match #2


Thursday, June 4th
@ Overlook GC
2:30pm Start!

Match #3


Tuesday, June 6th
@ Bent Creek CC
5:00pm Start!

Match #4


Tuesday, June 14th
@ Bent Creek CC
5:00pm Start!

Match #5


Saturday, June 17th
@ Lancaster CC
2:30pm Start!

Match #6


Saturday, June 24th
@ Lancaster CC
2:30pm Start!

2023 League
Pracitce/Clinic Schedule

All practices from 2:00pm to 3:00pm

Session 1

  Sunday, May 14th
Meet & Greet Opening Practice!
2:00 to 3:00pm

Session 2


Sunday, June 4th

Session 3


Sunday, June 11th

Session 4


Sunday, June 18th

Session 5


TBD - End of Season Party

Junior League Participants Receive

  • Team Jerseys
  • 6 Regular Season Competitions plus coaching/practice
    • Bent Creek CC vs Lancaster CC vs Overlook GC

​​​Program Structure

  • Fun team scramble format for players of EVERY skill level.
  • All participants get to play in every competition.

Player Proficiency

  • Advanced skills not required
  • Must have access to a set of clubs.
  • If your child can drive, chip, or putt... we have a role for them on the team!


  • May 1st is the registration deadline
    • OPEN to the first 24 registrants!

Rowe Golf Junior Academy

  • Academies and Short Game Schools
    • Academies and short game schools are a great way for students to get more instruction time, compete in a group setting, develop stronger friendships in the golf community at Bent Creek, and most importantly, HAVE FUN!
    • Academies and Short Game Schools will have brand new programming for the 2023 Golf Season.
  • Playing Lessons
    • Group playing lessons were a big hit in 2022, I am excited to continue helping my students take what they learn on the range or practice green to the golf course.
  • Private Lessons
    • 25 minutes or 55 minutes
    • Note: I’ve realized that I rush from lesson to lesson and could be more prepared if I had a 5 min gap in between lessons to get ready and setup for my next student. After speaking with some mentors in the business, they suggested I change my lesson time to best accommodate all of my students. I’m excited to implement this in 2023!
Click here to access the Rowe Golf online scheduling program